Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression
Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Single-Session Therapy

When something just doesn't feel right, having someone to talk to can help
Online therapy for help with mental health

What is single-session therapy?

If you have no previous experience of counselling single-session therapy is a great way of learning more about how the counselling process works. There's no obligation to have further sessions.  

Single-session therapy may also suit you if you are familiar with counselling but don't want to commit to regular sessions. 

If you associate with one of the following statements, then this service may be for you:
  • You have things that you want to get off your chest without fear of judgement or bias
  • You have a difficult decision to make and want to talk it through with someone impartial, without the influence of friends and family
  • You are a student concerned about starting university, keeping up with studies or making life choices after graduation.
  • You’re not sure if you really ‘need’ counselling, but something doesn’t feel right
  • You would like to focus on the 'solution' rather than the problem.  Using solution-focused therapy (SFBT) sometimes called 'brief therapy' I will encourage you to build on your strengths, rather than dwell on your problems or the limitations you feel. I will work with you to envision a desirable future and then map out the short-term goals necessary to achieve your longer term vision.
At the time of booking I will discuss with you your reasons for choosing a single session and we will establish if this type of therapy is suitable for you.

You will get 50 minutes of counselling time to talk and reflect whilst getting insight and support from a qualified counsellor.

How does it differ to regular counselling?

There is no expectation that you will have any further sessions. In view of this we will discuss at the start of the session what you want to achieve in the allocated time available, this will help us stay focused and keep to your agenda. I cannot guarantee full resolve of your issues within a single session. Whilst it is not obligatory, you may book in for further therapy sessions if you wish.

Where does single-session therapy take place?

You can choose a home visit, online counselling via Whereby, a straight forward, easy to access video platform, or telephone counselling.
Therapy for anxiety and mental health issues during a single counselling session

Price and booking information

The cost of single-session therapy is £45 for online or telephone counselling. 

Home visits are charged at £45 plus travel time and mileage, covering all Leeds postcodes.

Slots for single-session therapy are limited and as such payment is required within 24 hours of taking your booking to secure the appointment. Payment is via bank transfer. The cancellation policy is detailed in the therapy agreement.

Prior to your appointment I will email you a personal information record form and links to the Client Boundaries document and GDPR privacy statement. To save time at the start of our session you should read these thoroughly and email me back with any questions you have.
  • Personal information record form – essential information I am required to gather for insurance purposes. You can complete the form on your own PC, save and return by email before the session.

  • GDPR privacy notice – This tells you about how I use your personal information and your rights in relation to this. Please read and keep this document for your own records. By continuing with counselling you are agreeing to the use of your personal data as set out in this agreement.

  • Client Boundaries - This document outlines the terms and conditions of our counselling relationship.  I can answer any questions you have either by email or at the start of our first session.  

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