Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression
Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

What is counselling and do i need it?

What is counselling

Talking therapy is a bit like borrowing someone else’s brain. I will listen, reflect back and summarise your stories. When I have an insight which I think might help, I’ll share it. My goal is to help you get to know yourself. Because the better you know yourself, the better you can problem-solve and make healthy life choices. Raising your self-awareness enables you to recognise belief systems and values that are your own, and those that have been imposed on you by society. This can be key to realising your true identity and becoming the best version of you.

I believe that we are our own experts in knowing what is best for us. However, I know first-hand that this skill can be seemingly impossible to access during times of trauma, stress and chaos. When panic and overwhelm take over, counselling can help restore the calm. My aim is to offer you a safe space to explore inner thoughts and feelings without judgement or bias. Your views, opinions and values will always be respected and met with unconditional positive regard. We will work together to boost your emotional resilience and discover your true self. I work in a relaxed, client-led manner. I cover a broad range of issues from mental health problems, anxiety and depression to childhood trauma and sexual abuse. You are free to explore any issues you are struggling with, no matter how big or small. Without realising it, you will develop your inner strength, resources and instinct which will enable you to find a way forward and make the changes you desire.

I am also a practitioner of The Rewind Technique. A fast, safe and effective form of therapy which is proven to significantly reduce symptoms of PTSD and cure phobias. This can be incorporated into counselling sessions as and when appropriate.

Overwhelm Word Bomb

Do I Need Counselling?

If you are asking this question then you probably already know the answer. But just in case you’re second-guessing yourself…Therapy isn’t just for people who are diagnosed with mental health problems. It’s the ultimate form of self-care.

  • Counselling is about dealing with issues before they spiral out of control.
  • Counselling is about showing yourself some compassion.
  • Counselling is preventative.
  • Counselling saves lives.

The statements below are just a few indicators that you could be on the brink of a bigger problem and may benefit from counselling.

The bottom line is only YOU know if things are right, only YOU can exercise your right to self-care.

  • You are feeling low or have symptoms of depression
  • You are having panic attacks or feel anxious
  • You can’t sleep (your mind won’t shut off)
  • You sleep too much (you’re exhausted and heading for burn-out)
  • Life feels chaotic and overwhelming – you can’t see the wood for the trees
  • Life is not what you want it to be – who am I, what am I doing with my life?
  • You feel like you are existing, not living – Groundhog Day
  • You have no motivation, there seems to be nothing to look forward to
  • You have suffered significant trauma and are struggling to process this
  • You have symptoms of PTS or PTSD
Honestly, I could go on forever.
  • LISTEN to your body.
  • LISTEN to your gut.
If it doesn’t feel right, be kind to yourself and let somebody LISTEN to you.

All it takes is a short conversation

Article written by Janine Mccorry

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