Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression
Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Client Boundaries

Using this service means that you agree to the boundaries as set out below, as well as the GDPR Privacy Policy

  1. Calm the Chaos Counselling is not a crisis service

I am not an immediate crisis service and I don't employ staff to be on call. I am also not a medical service. If you think you're having an emotional crisis, please call the NHS 111 for non-emergency advice. If you think you might harm yourself or someone else, please call the Samaritans on 116 123, ring 999, or go straight to A&E. 

  1. Calm the Chaos Counselling is not a replacement for medical treatment

I am able to support you if you want to keep on top of your emotional wellbeing. I can work with you if you experience anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems, so long as you're able to manage your wellbeing day-to-day and aren't considering causing harm to yourself or others. If you need more support than I can offer, then I will work with you to help you find that support. 

  1. Calm the Chaos Counselling is confidential within legal & ethical limits 

According to UK law, I have to contact the emergency services if I believe you might hurt yourself or someone else, or if you mention terrorism or money laundering. If you're involved in a crime, a UK court might ask me to share any information I have on you and legally I would have to agree, even if the only information I hold about you is your session booking details. 

I am required by the BACP Ethical Guidelines to have a clinical supervisor. I may discuss some of my work with a clinical supervisor, but if I do, I will keep you anonymous. This means I won't tell my clinical supervisor anything that could identify you - I will only discuss clinical matters, such as what technique to employ or how I can support you better.

If I feel a bit concerned about you (for instance, if you miss a session without notice after discussing a difficult situation with me), then I may seek advice from my clinical supervisor and afterwards may get in touch with you, to make sure you're OK. I will use the email address and phone number you provided when booking your sessions or any other contact details you have given me directly. 

Please let me know during your initial consultation if you'd like me to do anything else if I feel concerned about you, such as call a friend or family member. 

  1. Calm the Chaos Counselling does not offer advice 

I will use my training and clinical experience to offer you the best guidance and mental health support possible. If I am concerned about you, I may encourage you to work with me to find further support. Or it may be that during therapy I ask you questions that challenge your assumptions. None of these things mean that I’m telling you what to do. Your choices define you, so I can't make them for you. 

  1. Payment Terms and Cancellation policy 

Payment for pre-booked counselling sessions is due a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of your session via Sum Up online payment system. I will send you a payment link via text or email. If you are having a home-based counselling session I will advise of the travel costs at your consultation. I understand that it’s not always possible to stick to plans. However, last minute cancellations mean lost therapy sessions - for you, for me, and for anyone who could have used that session instead. 

Therefore, I ask for 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a session that you are unable to attend. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice I will count that session as used, and full payment will be due.

  1. Preparation for your sessions 

For online or voice only (phone) sessions please ensure you find a private and safe location to have your session.  A space where you can talk without fear of been overheard or interrupted. 

Please ensure you have a good enough internet connection or phone signal to attend the session, as poor connections may affect the quality of your session. If your therapy session is considerably disrupted by having a bad connection you may wish to switch to an alternative contact method i.e. from voice only (phone) to internet and vice versa. 

For home-based counselling please ensure that you will have use of a room where we will not be overheard or disturbed for the duration of the session.

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