Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression
Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

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Where do you go, when you don’t know where to go?

Counsellor in Leeds Janine McCorry therapy for trauma and symptoms of PTSD expert

Janine McCorry

Therapeutic Counsellor

I thought it might break the ice to share a bit about how I ended up becoming a counsellor. So here goes… 

It started with trying to get help for my PTSD

Several years ago, I was feeling really low. In fact, no, I was at rock bottom. I had experienced a significant trauma and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. My GP advised me to self-refer for counselling through the NHS (because apparently, that would be quicker than a GP referral).

And so I was on a never-ending waiting list with Leeds Mental Health Services for trauma-related counselling. I had a family and friends support network, but no one close to me really got what I was going through. I was angry and confused. I was trapped, caged by the trauma. Out of sheer desperation, I enrolled on an introduction to counselling skills course with the belief that if I learned the right skills, I could basically counsel myself.
therapy for trauma and mental health issues with a Janine McCorry, a counsellor in Leeds owner of Calm the Chaos counselling

How counselling became my passion

I learned an awful lot about myself in that 10-week introductory training (but unfortunately, not how to counsel myself). When the course ended, I had a massive amount of self-awareness and knowledge about my 'self' that I didn't know what to do with. The natural progression was to continue with counsellor training to tie up loose ends, so to speak. Fortunately, the compulsory element of this training was to partake in a substantial amount of therapeutic counselling. And finally, I got the help I so desperately needed.

Completely without intention, counselling became my passion. I was inspired by the patience, understanding and unconditional positive regard given to me by this very ordinary looking lady. She sat and listened to me 'droning on' week, after week, after week. This lady indirectly changed my life. I say indirectly because it was me who changed my life, but I couldn't have done it alone.

And so here I am now. A fully qualified and registered therapeutic counsellor based in North Leeds

But what has stuck with me, is that moment many years ago, when I said to myself 'Where do you go, when you don't know where to go?' And this memory is what has led me to create a counselling practice that demonstrates my passion for making counselling accessible to all. I have tailored my services to ensure there is 'something for everyone'.

recover from PTSD and live without anxiety and depression by talking with a counsellor in Leeds from Calm the Chaos Counselling

I want to be the person you can talk to. Counselling can help you leave behind difficult events and live a life free from anxiety, depression and trauma.   

A counsellor in Leeds offering therapy sessions via video call and telephone, or home based counselling

Calm the Chaos Counselling

Breaking down the barriers that prevent you from getting access to counselling 

This means:

Therapy sessions via video call or telephone

No hectic bus or car journeys

No parking problems or parking fees

Home visits for the elderly or vulnerable

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